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For the present we can't be accommodated here, so Colonel Smith and Miss Keys are out seeking places for us to be billeted out – how interesting.

Later – we are all divided out in batches - & just as the last 20 were moving off Miss Keys called for 7 volunteers to go on duty in the morning. I stepped forward for one though I would have loved a few free hours to go up to London Headquarters to find out about my nephews & some friends.

8th Its somewhat trying to be billeted out & on duty too, especially when we lot had the exceptionally bad luck to strike a landlady whose chief aim seems to be to make us uncomfortable – She won't give us nearly enough to eat – not ever a match to light the gas. Matron is calling us in first & as soon as she can because we are so perfectly miserable. I can't understand their attitude when all the other girls just love where they are and are made quite a fuss of.

11the To-day I took Major Chapple in some tea! He is the R.A.M.C. surgeon of our Ward. He greets me with "Well Sister how are you going to like being here? Just going to love it I said – then he said "because we are not going to forgive you for coming & turning us out of this beautiful place. The English are

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