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you visit my home in England in 20 years time you'll see this tin on my mantelpiece. I invited 8 Privates for Xmas tea from the camps (Adelaide boys) Among them two Botting boys Frank & Mark & my two nephews. In the evening we went for a long walk & how pretty the Harbour looked c 3 or 4 hundred battleships. Troopships etc & 10 Hospital ships all lit up.
Though we haven't heard officially- everything points to us moving. All the English patients have gone- The Austs as fast as they can & each day sees less wards & less patients- where to is the ? Our Xmas mails have been held up somewhere.
I must tell you this tit bit. It happened a few nights ago in the small hours of the morning. A Sentry with his gun was put on to guard some goods. A Sister c Tommy Coat pajamas & balaclava cap on had to pass him & he thinking she was a man called out Halt (She) hurrying (he) Halt I say halt you in the pajamas halt (She) running now & he after her Then she turned & indignantly said "What is it to you where I am going?" he absolutely flabbergasted stammered out 'I be- beg your par- par- pardon Sister I thought you was a man.(exit)
New Years Eve- Such a week of surmising & wondering when we are going & where- Such a washing up of things & packing- We are having days off & nights off & we are seeing as much of the Island as we can & everyone appeared to be taking snap shots. Since Xmas day the enemy Areplanes have been busy but have not heard of them doing any damage.

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