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wants to be taken care of. If she only knew the [eff]ort I have to pull myself together. And how [indecipherable] I am with those efforts . I sleep and eat badly and generally what you would call miserable. Its [indecipherable] unsettled feeling I have of pending separation [indecipherable] it marring my holiday.

Looking up from the Abbey Miss Burns points to a large white house up on the side of a mountain [indecipherable] Astors the American Millionaires". She says too that [indecipherable] is giving it as a summer residence to the Australian Sisters. We walk up to see it the next day and the view from it is charming. It [indecipherable] the loch and Fort Augustus. The old old monastry particularly stands out. Miss Burns is 'a Catholic' and invites us to the opening ceremony of the New Church there on Tuesday Morning. We go but first of all are shown over a part of the place that is being used as a Convalescent Hosp. for the boys – we had met a number of these boys in blue [indecipherable] but they diddent look happy and when Mary said to them how nice it was for them and how lucky they were to be here – instead of a smile they looked positively bored but we say "look at the lovely scenery" "Scenery" says one boy. "The scenery will drive me mad, give me a picture show". We leave this lovely spot for Glasgow in the afternoon", spend a night there ten make for the English lakes – planning to arrive there in the late evening – That would

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