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terrible twang Colonel P- came out on the "Morea" I mentioned a nephew of mine was on her in the ranks & he remarked what a splendid lot of fellows they all were, so well trained & disciplined & that they receivd many priviledges on that account. Some English officers who boarded the boat at India badly wanted to take them to England to serve their own purpose. I couldn't quite understand what it was but something in connection c artillery. I guess they thought they wouldn't get such men at home.
Oct 12th After a pleasant uneventful 2 days here I am in sight of my destination- Another 2 hours & Lemnos. All day yesterday we were passing barren white Islands. I am wondering if ours is like them.
Oct 13th yesterday at 4 pm we anchored in the outer Harbour of Mudros. Everyone thought it a huge joke when I appeared ready for disembarking. I did later, for here we are still, waiting calmly & patiently for orders from the "Arrogan." Truly there seems no hurry where military is concerned. The Harbour itself is beautiful & it's a fine sight to see all the different kinds of ships & boats about- destroyers-submarines etc. Then up in the inner Harbour there appear to be a few hundred. Last night two crowded troopships passed us in going out & they instead of turning to the Left, as is usual, they turned

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