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waters of the Meditterranean – And theres the sweetest scent of Mimosa in the air.

This is my first day and I feel that I have been lifted up out of the depths of hell to the Garden of Paradise. I think you will think so too if you have the patience to ponder through the pages of my doings for the last four months.

Since I last wrote I have had no leisure time to write a long letter though at odd moments have dotted down a few things that I thought might be of interest. Where shall I begin? I think from where I left off though I can almost hear you say. Yes but please not any more air raids – Sorry but I'll promise to be as kind as I can. We did have some more terrible times especially the nights of Sept 27th and Oct 29th – the thought is enough. The following was dotted down on Sept 26th. Last night a few of us went to the Opera 'Mignon'. It is the only thing that has come our way in the shape of an theatres in France so we were looking forward to a treat. It began at the early hour of 6pm. Somehow we felt that Fritz would come and spoil things and he did. It's a lovely large Music Hall – six tiers and every space packed. Not understanding the lingo was disappointing but the acting-singing dresses etc were beautiful, and we were just in the midst of enjoyment when suddenly out goes all the lights and we are

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