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29th This morning when I went on I was so sorry to find that Captain Lloyd has come in as a patient & am afraid its typhoid – poor boy he is finding it hard to submit to the inevitable. He was so very keen on keeping well – He was to be a Major in a short time – fancy & only 24. Three mornings ago we saw the 1st Brigade starting on its way back to Anzac apparently cheerful & brave – though at heart we all knew how they hated the thought of going back to the memories there - it made me feel terribly sad. The reinforcements for the 4th are quarantined on account of mumps & measles. I wonder why this Island is so unhealthy – though I don't suppose it's the island so much as the flies & the want of suitable food. It's truly heart breaking when we have serious cases.

31st I am wishing myself a happy Birthday. A friend is going to post this in England for me – so farewell again you dear old things out there. With loving Greetings for Xmas, I shall think of you all so far away XXXX. A special Xmas X. This is all I can send.
A Donnell
(PS: I sent this [indecipherable] going from Eng – but truly I'm a bit scared of the Arrogan).

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