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We are getting into hot weather again. We hear we are calling at Malta- aren't we lucky- we missed that on the last trip.

Wednesday 28th
On Monday morning early found us anchored at in the grand harbour at Malta & at 10 a m we went off in pretty little boats to the shore. Another sight-seeing day. Sister Barron & I went off together we first had a drive around the town- then went to the Military Hsp. to see if there were any Australians there & discovered they had been transferred the day before- but the majority of the large buildings having for the time being been converted into Hospitals & there being 15 in all we coulden't possibly visit the lot, though we learnt later that there are a lot of our boys there. Then we looked at those enticing shops & how I wished my pocket-money hadden't been so low so as to have purchased the cheapest & lovliest Maltese lace work. The town Valletta is full of it. This Island of Malta is most interesting. In the beginning itself it was a barren rock 22 miles long & 8 wide- no soil at all. The Venetians brought it all there as toll when they came. The scenery is exactly the reverse of England- the tiny patches of brown soil surrounded by rather high stone walls. Grapes, figs, melons & tomatoes grow in abundance. It's so funny you see goats everywhere- they meet you at the boat, in the streets, at the shop doors etc. After enjoying a delicious cup of tea- we intended to spend the afternoon at some cultivated gardens.

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