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appetite for our tinned provisions on enamelled plates. We are real wag-backs. I'll warn you not expect to see dainty maids when we return – rather weather-beaten old – hags excuse me for saying so – but the expression is appropriate. It's splendid though – the opportunities for inward growth is great, and while we are loving and
all out there – especially by the Red Cross. We just love the R.X. & don't think we could possibly get on without it. It/s the loving Mother to us and the Army – we couldent exaggerate its value & appreciate it to the full. Yesterday I opened a box from Toowoomba Queensland. There was useful comforts of all kinds – socks – mittens – mufflers etc etc. The cigarettes ties up in the socks delighted the boys immensely. Yes through you we are comfortable – even the Sisters received presents of Sweaters and dressing gowns. They say we'll need all the warm clothing as soon as the winter sets in. Its as cold as possible now. The beginning of Autumn days. Good-bye.

22nd I left to go on duty but I think I'll continue about the weather. (It's such a change for you to hear of anything but best from me). To give you some idea of the next few months in front of us I have abridged the following from a report of

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