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parchment looks already & thoroughly enjoying the wholesome food. So different from Madame Mealy dishes.

The morning we voted – for conscription or against it. And do you know we are the first women in England who have voted on a National question.

25th Two months to Xmas. The girls are saying that the Xmas Mail closes next week. I must stop. This gossipy chatter though I don't like leaving you and wish you all the best that Xmas can give you. If I should miss a mail sometimes – through pressure of work – please don't forget me.

Ever lovingly yours

A Donnell

PS. There is a Sisters Mess Meeting to be held to-night & the funniest thing I have struck on A Service is a Sisters Mess Meeting – but serious business is to be discussed to-night – or protested against. We find we can't manage – especially the S Nurses. The upkeep of this Home (St Lukes School) however nice & comfy it is because apart from the 17/6 a week allowed us by the Gov that barely buys our food we have to keep a Staff of Servants – pay their salary – laundry & insurance & everything is so expensive/ It means that each one of us has to pay 10/- at the least out of our own salary & we don't feel it [indecipherable] too that we should be asked expected to do it.

Bye Bye

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