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residents all seem to speak 6 or 7 languages. I see a good deal of the Red Cross ladies working at this Hsp. & I do admire them- they are most unselfish & do not mind what they do- from cutting all the dressings to washing up. By the way one lady has just come in & said "Send my compliments to Australia" You never see her but she has something Ausn on. She was born & has always lived here but her Mother is Italian & her Mother English. She says there's no fear of the Arabs rising up- whilst the Australians are here- So rest content. I would be pleased if any of you would send me some Australian views- I could do a lot in the way of advertising our country had I some c me- This is too splendid an opportunity to let pass by- Several English boys have told me already that as soon as the war is over, to Australia they go. Perhaps some of the Xmas numbers will have good views in them. I am with one thing & another asking a lot when you are all doing so much out there but please don't mind- And if any would like to send along any Australian paper occasionally & enclose a few sheets of note paper & envelopes it would be appreciated by the boys. If you could see them devour the papers as I do you would understand why I ask. The P.O. officials might bless me – but our heroic Tommy Browns are to be thought of first.
I hear our Hospital at Lemnos

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