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in darkness. We instinctively knew what was the Matter and almost immediately the Atmosphere of Suppressed excitement became intense for a few Minutes. The performers went bravely on with the singing, but judging by myself twas to deaf ears. I shall never forget it, that dark theatre with just streakes of light flashing through as the searchlights played around outside, and the thundering noise from the guns – presently the majority were on the verge of a panic when the orchestra struck up a Marseillaise that saved the situation – all stood up – the performers came forward and I have never heard anything quite so wonderful as the singing of that when all those hundreds of people relieved their pent up feelings with soul, heart and voice. Surely I thought the Boche would hear and drop bombs in our midst. The actors then in their pretty dresses removed the stage scenery with the aid of a Torch then out pealed – God Save the King. I was glad when they continued on with it so as we could ring out confound their politics frustrate their knavish tricks. Next followed the Belgium Anthem and soon after the 'All Clear' signal was given. We were all glad to reach home and to find that all was well there.

It is a pitiful sight to see towards evening

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