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Ivanhoe Hotel
Bloomsbury Str
London West

Here we are in the heart of London, or, rather only a portion of us. We are divided up the Officers going to different places. The boys to various Hospitals to get more experience – whilst we Sisters are deposited here for a fortnight (to see the sights of London as we say) while waiting for the full equipment of the Hospital ere we proceed to our destination in France.
On the last night of our sea journey we were protected by two destroyers & at daylight it was delightful to see them careering around. We also saw two submarines. On arrival at Plymouth the boys were asked to get up to sheer the Destroyers which awakened us. So we up too – such a view of England we saw, or rather a view of Devonshire on one side of the harbour & Cornwell on the other. I had simply been pining to see some green grass & this was a treat & all the way from Plymouth to London. The scenery was beautiful the lovliest green green hills & hedges. We left Pyrmont at 2pm by special express, 1st class, arriving in London 8pm. The flowers here are the finest I have ever seen. How I do wish you all could see the wonders of London, however I might want to. It could never bend your imagination to what things are in reality.

28th A brief outline of the 1st day here Visited the British Museum, saw over chiefly the Egyptian part, it was all so interesting, but one wants weeks to even go into that

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