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giving their lives" I know it was in her mind at that moment.

The last night, Sunday at about 10 o'clock we stood on a bridge & watched them all pass to the station – some were singing – others whistling, a great many waved to us and called out "Good night. Good-bye" "And so they gave their lives"

Its after lights out. Sweet dreams.

21st Twas the procession of the Sacred Carpet. This morning I saw it again – Lucky aren't I? The Hospital has been given over to No 14 & we are practically read to march on. I can't say more – because that little word Censor comes before me. So I must come to a full stop & with very much love to you all.

* Istowdak no-kum. Ullah yik-faz – kum games – au

Sincerely yours
A Donnell

PS: Over 40 more Sisters are expected to arrive in the middle of the Night. AD

* Good-bye. God be with you all) (Arabic)

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