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4th letter               Alexandria
I am just beginning to receive letters saying that you are enjoying the news I send out & Mrs Cockburn advises to keep going, so it encourages me, thought it takes up nearly all the spare moments I have, but I must say it is a little bit of love to do it, for you are then constantly in my thoughts.
Sister Burns & I had a delightful afternoon at Abonkir Bay- went for a donkey ride along the bay to the Forts there & back again to the home, part of the way along the surf & watched the most glorious sunset over the Meditteranean. I don't think I told you that I had spent a week at this delightful place The Sisters convalescent home, after being ill. I did love it too. The Home & a house-boat (furnished) which is a ¼ mile out in the bay- with boats & 12 servants has been a gift during the war time to the Sisters from a Mr. Alderson here, it's grand for a short time here c swimming rowing sailing etc- soon makes one fit for work again. Abonkir as you know has an historic interest, for it was there that the great battles were fought by Nelson- Bonaparte & Abercrombie.

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