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22sd. How time does go- one scarcely knows the day here. At present the gales are here I won't describe them though for they don't improve Lemnos, or us. However, it's not all unpleasant for when the weather is calm & fine it makes one feel good to be alive- Then we see the most indescribably gorgeous sunrises & sunsets. In the former the colouring is of the softest toning I have ever seen & which reflects in the harbour below, but what I love most are those sunsets where the striking flame throws its flakes over half the sky & is so intensely beautiful one feels they cannot move away until the red disc has sunk beneath the horizon. Then the mysteriously clear eastern nights seem to speak & are very impressive. I am bringing this to a close rather sooner than I intended but I have an opportunity of having it posted in England.
The next I hope will tell you of our Xmas here. On reading this through truly, I haven't told you anything but you would forgive me for my attempt if you could be transplanted on to Lemnos for a week. You won't worry about us. How I wish you could see us through in our long Tommy coats & puttees wound around our legs.
With very much love to you all in the Sunny South & wishing you the best of best wishes for the New Year.

Sincerely Yours
Anne Donnell
(Excuse mistakes)

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