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the longest. Just fancy standing above the graves of these men, with beautiful statues of them around you. Handel – Sir Henry Irving – David Garrick – Charles Dickens. Lord Macular – Robert Southey – Oliver goldsmith – Robert Burns - Tennyson – Longfellow – Spottiswood. Chaucer & Browning. You Pay -/6 to enter the Royal Chapel, that includes a few small chapels – the most beautiful chapel in the Abbey – namely , The chapel of Henry V11 built in 1502 – It's a wonderful mass of carvings . Saw the seats and banners of the senior Knights of the Bath . Lord Roberts' Seat or where he used to sit. The wonderfully beautiful tombs seem everywhere. George 11s, Queen Elizabeth & Mary's – the two murdered princes – The cradle tomb of Charles , the T two days old daughter – Mary Queen of Scots. King Henry V11. His mother's too now 400 years old. There is still a poor fund initiated by her & been going on all these years – every Saturday morning bread, meat and -/2 is given out to each poor person that comes for it. In this way her memory is being treasured and likely to be for centuries to come. Edward the Confessor's tomb was very fine. The top part has now been covered with a rich red drapery by George V at the time of his coronation. Just near stands the Coronation Chair. Passing on we go some steps up to Eye Slip Chapel where the wax models of funeral figures are – that is rather ghastly but wonderfully done – There stands Q Elizabeth. K. William & Q. Mary, Q. Anne – Lord Nelson in clothes that they actually wore - & many others. Time was flying and we just had to tear ourselves away from the Abbey, as the Tower of

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