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a long drive this afternoon to Matrich to see the Virgin's Tree & Joseph's well – we all had a drink from the Wells & its beautiful water so clear & cool. Then we lingered about the pretty Catholic Church there. I think it's the sweetest & daintiest little church that I have seen. The delicate colourings of the biblical stories depicted on the walls and the Statue of Joseph & May with the baby Jesus in the central recess of the Altar & which always has a light thrown on it makes it very pretty indeed. I forget whether I mentioned before but the Virgins Tree is the Spot (if not the original Tree) where Joseph & Mary rested during their flight into Egypt and the water from the well is the water they drank & also the Babe was bathed with it. The Guides tell you that the Water was brackish until then but had been beautiful water drink every since.)

From there we drive past acres of Cotton fields & Corn fields & then by the Canal. (The one that leads from Cairo to Ishmallia.) We chose a spot for tea – watch the Sunset & drive back. My two boys seem to have lost their shyness or reserve & open out & speak of their experiences. Tis seldom they do. Some are so sad & pathetic that they do their best to try & forget them. I won't repeat all they tell me but it would help a Mothers

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