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times you have fulfilled your duties and helped to make our Hospital the Great success it is. I am leaving to take my place Lt Colonel de Crespigny and feel you will extend to him the same loyal obedience as you did towards me.

I went across to bed him farewell. He was very sad & depressed. I thought what a shame. It has all been too much – to see him the man he was & the man he is. Later he was carried away on a stretcher to the "H.S. Maurtania for England. We fear he will not return, and the general opinion is that he will not live to reach England, but somehow I feel that now he is relieved of worry & anxiety & then the anticipation of seeing his Wife & baby in England to meet him, that it will greatly help him. We trust so anyway & can only wait with patience to hear. Our Unit is breaking up fast especially amongst the Officers & men. We Sisters on the whole are standing it much better than they. Out of all the 7 Lt Colonels only 2 are left & those are Colonel Cudmore & de Crespigny. The former now is sick & I expect when he is sufficiently well to travel he will go too. It all makes one reflect. I was so pleased to be able to take a snap of Colonel the day before he went away, he just managed with help to crawl to the door of his tent. I knew how pleased Mrs Fiaschi would be. Truly

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