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in the same even tenure. One of the Patients calmly called out "Sister come and see Lord Kitchener arriving" Sure enough there he was just landing down at the wharf about 500 yards away. There was the guard of honour & half a dozen cars in waiting, presently the Motors start towards our way & o closer view we see Lord Kitchener- General Monro & General Birdwood in the 1st car. The other cars containing other military notabilities Yes up they came slowly entering our Hospital the back way, stopping when they came to C2 ward (Sister Walpoles). L-K. stepped out & entered the 1st Marquee & spoke to each Patient there- to the first one he asked where he came from- New Zealand- To the 2sd the same- Australian & the 3rd- England. In the other two marquees he said a few general words- shook hands c Sister- Then to the multitude of convalescent patients who had gathered outside- "well boys I hope you'll soon be well" Saluted & was off. The visit took in all about 5 minutes, one had Scarcely time to realise what the sudden commotion was. Indeed Sister W didden't recognise it was L.K. until he shook hands. I thought- Oh for a snapshot So with all haste went to my tent for the camera arriving just in time to see him shaking hands. I couldn't focus it quickly enough though & was only able to get the back view of him as he sat

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