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Australian flags flying. On a card was written "from the Sisters of the 3rd Australian General Hospital. The company were delighted & the leading Actor whispered to Yvonne Arnaud to thank us by coo-eeing – She tried 5 times but twas a poor attempt. I immediately was over come & the Sister next me whispered "Are you feeling homesick Sister" then for 10 mts I had to hold my kerchief up. But talk about going the pace – its always the small hours of the morning ere I go off to dreamlands – by the way it hasn't been dark in England since we arrived. It's quite light till 9pm then the lovliest dim twilight until 2am. Then daylight comes. The weather seems perfect 75 as, like our fresh cool autumn days & the green fields & parks – yet folk here say they are having a drought because it hasn't rained for 6 weeks. I never thought that in running about to say nothing of the pigeons & little birds In Hyde Park – Kensington Gardens – in fact they are in all the parks.

July 8, 1910
Oh dear I am getting behind – 6 days to write up such full enjoyable days too but I must go back to Saturday first thing in the morning we are told that probably we would start on the 1st stage of our return journey by going to South Hampton. That upsets our plans again & the question is how to make the most of the remaining time 0 (however you see we are still here Saturday. Afternoon Miss Powell & her Brother had arranged to take me to Hampton Court. "The Majority of the Sisters had

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