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Luxor Temple. I wish I could describe these 8 old Temples with their Collanades – Obelisks. The courts & halls the birth chamber – the solid granite Statuary & the writings on the walls etc. Westminster Abbey & St Pauls are babies in comparison to these Ancient places of 2 & 3 thousand years old. My little camera has done its best to give you an idea what they are like. We sail back in a felucca, lunch, then rest till 3pm when Ibrahim has donkeys & an Arabier ready to take us to see Karnak The City of Temples. I choose a donk every time for I love riding. We go along a magnificient Avenue 2 miles long & which was once bordered with Sphinxes. We see the remains of them here & there even now but the Avenue of Sphinxes leading from the river to Karnak is still in a good state of preservation & tis an uncommon sight to see I don't suppose there is such another in the world. The temple area is surrounded by a brick wall & in some places still 50ft by 329ft, & the roof, single stones of which weigh 100 tones & is supported by 134 Massive columns from 40 to 60 ft high. We have afternoon tea here which is brought with us. We are very interested in Karnak, but the immensity of it all makes you feel bewildered & stupid & tis a relief when we ascend one of the pylons & watch the golden sunset. We think the day has ended now but no Ibrahim says we're to go on the Nile to a Carnival after dinner. The Carnival proves to be a felucca lit up with candles & Arabs

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