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the ruins of Mickeross Abbey built for the Franciscan Monks 500 years ago. There's a great old Yew Tree there growing up out of one of the cloisters, so large that it shades out the light. Continuing on through Mr. Vincent's park we see his house in the distance – we pass into the deer park where there are pheasants, squirrels & hares & deer up & down the rises under overhanging trees we soon come to a mountain that in parts rise almost perpendicular out of the lake. Daniel shows us a gap which looks like a bite taken out of the mountain & tells us that when the Devil visited there he wanted to take away a souvenir so took this bite & held it in his mouth but St Patrick seeing him hit him in the mouth with a shilleigh so that the Devil spat it out into the lake below and as you look down      there is a large rock jutting up and looks exactly as if it would fit into the space above. So it's called the Devil's bite & the only bit of the D. that is left in Kitterny says Daniel. He says he did hear Tell of the D. at the Chicago Exhibition & he must be kept busy there still for they haven't seen him since. We drive on the Bucking Bridge – the meeting of the waters where they start the rapids & Dines Cottage & home again. It's Market morning & so quaint seeing the donkeys bringing in the low backed cars and the women wrapped in Shawls.
We are sad at leaving K. but at noon we are in the train for our way to Cork & Blarney – We [indecipherable] at Cork & and motor out the pretty drive to Blarney and now my dears in future you must forgive me if I am Blarney for I have kissed the Stone.

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