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I was especially invited to stay in Manchester for Monday evening to go to a Coffee Meeting at the residence of Mr & Mrs Cowell. These coffee meetings were instituted 110 years ago by a Rev John Clewes – for 60 years a church of England minister at St Johns is M - & although he was publicly known as such he was at least profoundly a Swedenborgian for he translated the greater party of his most important works & instituted these meetings 'Theological' for the study of the works. I felt it a priviledge & rare opportunity to be in the midst of this circle of advanced thinkers. The Host & Hostess were charming elderly folk - first came on hand around delicious tea then the meeting began. A paper was read by a Rev Ball on the Non-resistance of evils. A discussion followed which was very interesting. Yes, I loved being with these folk. People with letters to their names and gifted people in different Arts are common amongst Mr B's Congregation. Then there Mr Morriss – a Master of Chemistry who is making and supplying the dyes that were once imported from Germany. My evening uniform is much admired – Sweet Grey Crepe-de Cheyne – Scarlet Satin Cape & Soft white collar & Cap.

27th Twas good-bye to Mr & Mrs Bulby the morning. It seemed just a glimpse of renewed friendship and I was gone again. Only 2 more days & They are spent with My curious David Gray & he pretty & charming daughter Millie at Waterloo – A Seaside Suburb of Liverpool I very much wanted to go to their home in the Isle-of-Man but time won't permit. The first afternoon Millie & I go into see the Art Gallery at L. I love the A-Gallerys & as L is the 2nd City in the Kingdom. There are some fine pictures there.

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