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houses quite regardless that the quiet residents may be peering at us from the tiny window panes above, but its absolutely calming and I don't think anywhere in the world you would see anything like it. They say that in peace times Artists swarm in Clovelly – to such an extent that one portion, "The Ladder" has been called the promenade of Artists" and the complaint that "Artists and dustbins are in every corner" is not uncommon. I make enquiries as to how old it is, but no one seems to know, but it really finds a place in Domesday as one of the Manors that passed from Brictric to Matilda with a population of 37. In the reign of Richard II it came to the Cary's – At present it belongs to Mrs Hamlyn – And I believe at her death it will come to Mrs Asquith 'nee the Hon Betty Manners who lately married the Brigadier General. Thy are at present spending there honeymoon at Clovelly Court. Diary May 8th. Yesterday I went for a walk along the beautiful Hobby Drive which winds in and out on the hill side, it was lovely walking under the graceful spraying branches of the beech trees that are now unfolding their new tender green leaves - underneath them and on the banks are carpets of bells in colour from blue to varying purple with here and their clusters of the sweet scented yellow primrose. The violets are there too but being scentless one is not drawn to them – the ferns and thick foliage help to make up the whole. And I loved looking downwards through these tall shadowy trees and get glimpses of the calm blue sea below. I payed the Gatekeeper -/6 this morning. And after a chat with him which was worth 2/- wended my way through to pretty park of Clovelly Court it rises sheer from the sea at a height of 38 feet.

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