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decided to get into our dug-outs at the sound of the first gun, and in the meantime waited. The suspense was dreadful, but what a quiet comfort human sympathy is. We held each others hands, and after a silence, when I had been keenly listening Mary said "Ane say the 23rd Psalm. Its so nice." I though Psalms could only be appreciated when in a quiet frame of mind, but I said it and found a little comfort in these two verses. "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and, thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies – then Yes. I'm certain I hear the drone of the enemy again, and I'm sure he is high up and directly above us. We are waiting breathlessly for him to pass on from over our heads – when bang went the first gun, and immediately followed the most Terrific Crashes and explosions – The earth shook so – the things rattled down from the walls. We were [indecipherable] to Sister under the bed – I thought our numbers were up – that a few seconds more and we would be facing Eternity. Poor Mary she is trembling so and saying "Oh God – dear God "isn't this awful Anne" It was awful. Short sharpe and loud, then quietness. The guns had stopped firing. And we hear our own Aeroplanes going up – New tactics to-night though we – so they were – for they fight in the air – but we kept in our dug-outs. Matron is very plucky – she goes around to see that

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