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the service commenced at the City Temple. It ended with me going with them to the C of E off Oxford St to hear the Rev R.J. Campbell. One had heard so much about him that I was glad to go. The Church was packed and we had to take our turn in the queue to get in. The Sermon or the man that delivered it what shall I say of him. I know I felt it a priviledge to see and hear him to look at him I felt strengthened And I am sure the Sermon applied to all there though I took it as especially for me. It was so simple yet great in its simplicity. The voice was quiet and somewhat weak but everyone listened for every word but the man he has such a strong or [indecipherable] personality. I walked out by the side of Mrs Asquith so my newly made friend told me. She talked and talked so to the person that was with her that I wondered who she was. The two friends saw me back to the Ivanhoe and hoped to see me off to France in the morning. My heard went out in warmth to them but I diddn't see them again probably because Victoria Station was packed from end to end with soldiers returning from leave. At Boulogne I waited for 2 days then received my orders to report at Abbeville. Yes thought I, No 3 – but no I seemed doomed to disappointment – on arrival

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