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No 3 A.G.H.A.
Abbasia Barracks
Cairo – Egypt
I must make an effort instead of sitting wondering how I am to begin to tell you of what has happened to us during the last two months. Yes two months since we came to our present home a queer funny old home it is too with barred windows & inside a huge stone wall 20 ft high. Twas originally a harem. The rooms are large & lofty & the old garden at the back when it has had some attention will be a haven of rest when we come off duty in the summer months. There are 3 two storey buildings. The 1st is occupied by the day staff of No. 3. The 2nd is chiefly the night nurses & the 3rd by the Supernummery Staff that came to live with us about a month ago. They are always on the move & go where they are needed, fresh ones coming & others going. I think in all we must accommodate 200 sisters. I can't say we welcomed them with open arms (narrow minded I confess) but we were quite happy & contented with our own. I think the experiences we all had together at Lemnos helped to form a deep attachment among us all. I have said little, if anything about our Sisters, somehow I feel you all know we did our

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