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think I can write more. R. Scott.
Last entry – for God's sake look after our people.

July 2nd 1918: "Notice" Sisters to meet Matron after Colonel's visit 9.30 a.m. After which there is a hub bub, our plans are completely changed. We are going to Lennos Island, near the Dardanelles. The majority of us are delighted as we will be with our boys. I do shrink at the idea of the return sea journey, but apart from that it's great to be with our own. Rum one says we will be nearer the firing line than any hospital has been yet. So we are braving ourselves to do for our brave men who have been so grand in paving the way. Australia will be there as the boys used to sing at every concert we had on the boat and so we'll all be there now. Wee do feel we should be there now instead of doing London but must cheerfully submit to what comes or goes. The war Contingent Association is very good. Every afternoon. They arrange for a huge motor – seating accommodation for 28 to be at the Hotel at 1.30 p.m. to take us to sight seeing places. This afternoon it was Windsor castle – a distance of 24 miles through the most beautiful country. On arriving there & being in uniform we are again privileged by seeing over parts of it which has been closed to the public since the war. First we were shown over St Georges' Chapel – we were just too late for service but listened to the organ. In this chapel many of the Royalty are buried – King Edward V11, the Duke of Clarence, Henry V111 and Jane Seymour, side by side. We saw the seats of the late Queen Victoria – King George – the present Queen – the Prince of Wales – also the seats and flags of the Knights of the Garter. Here we

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