Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 11

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Tuesday June 1st
Fancy the first of June and red hot. With the expectation of reaching Colombo in the small hours of the morning everyone seems more cheerful than usual & making plans for how they are going to spend the day. We are not allowed off without an Escort. So our party consists of Mr Powell, 3 of his friends & 5 Sisters – so aren't we looking forward to an outing.
Thursday June 3rd.
The day has come and gone but the memory of it will be treasured as one of the most interesting and delightful of days.
The first thing I was conscious of was my cabin mate calling down at 4 am. "Sister wake up I can see lights upon lights". Then followed immediately the search lights on us, with the native boys calling out Money Money Money mixed with a lot of jabber of their own. There was no more sleep. All the natives seemed very excited over something & we soon learned what it was – Riots in the town between the Mohommadons and Buddists over religion - over 300 had been killed & many wounded. We were told it was unsafe to go out of the Town & soon had orders

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