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to the right- this makes us wonder if anything fresh has arisen- if Greece has joined in and they are going to Salonika- we get very anxious for news. (You lucky beggars to be able to digest the world's news for breakfast every morning). The Island from here looks perfectly barren- not a sign of vegetation to be seen. Only nests & rows of tents to the North- East & West & some windmills in the distance on the hills.
14th This morning at 8 am a steam-boat came alongside c the oldies & we immediately started for the inner Harbour- here everyone brought their cameras to light & many snaps were taken of the interesting boats & scenes as we passed in. On anchoring Colonel Fiaschi was soon alongside in our little RX hospital boat to meet C. Fetherston & myself. The fine old man he was pleased to hear the latest news of his wife & delighted with the snaps I had taken of her & his baby girl. Now that I have actually re-joined the Unit any regret that had been lingering inside re on staying behind has quite vanished.
The hospital is situated on a rise of land resembling a peninsula c water on 3 sides of it. The Sisters tents extend to the banks of the waters edge. The view on either side is beautiful

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