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however I take the opportunity to wander through this beautiful building that everyone has heard so much about. After I take an Arabier to find my nephew Ross Donnell who came by the Morea last week, making numerous enquiries & an hours driving in the hot sun & dusty sands I find him through different camps- lucky hit- I find him, but as he is on duty can only spare a ¼ of an hour, never mind I go away happy, to seek Miss Graham & many old nurse friends at Luna Park, arriving in time for afternoon tea & wasn't it lovely to be in the midst of Australians many I knew & some I loved. Miss Graham invites me to stay to dinner c them & in the meantime wander off to find Leslie Holden, he was out, but he will be able to meet me later, so my luck seems really in.
Next morning 4 English Nurses from No 19 Alex & myself go to see the Monski (the centre of the bazaar quarter) this place seems to be devoted to everything that is oriental in the way of Alleys full of copper ware, brass-ware, gold & silver, precious & ornamental stones, Turkish slippers etc etc etc. Its most fascinating & I take a delight in beating them down for the goods, because the natives are cunning beyond words & they

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