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but meeting 4 English Nurses who were going to the old capital of Malta & then on to the ruins of Hadjih Kim & kindly inviting us to go with them we changed our minds & gladly went. The ruins were much like "Stonehenge" they date back to 1500 B.C. The caretakers pointed out the Alters where the animals were burnt as sacrifices, gave us a little piece of pottery to keep as a memento. After resting for awhile on a cliff overlooking the lovely blue Meditteranean, we start off back- some 120 miles. The scenery all the way is typically biblical. We saw them threshing corn with mules & oxen & they keep to the old old style of costume. On returning everyone is full of the day, some had gone out to the caves & actually saw the cave in which St Paul sought shelter for 3 months, visited St Johns Chapel & the Chapel of bones- I regret very much to have missed those.

Tuesday 29th
Sometime tonight we arrive at Alexandria. The journey has been a pleasant one. Sister Hoadley Rush- Mitchell Taylor & myself will never forget the happy afternoon we spent in playing 500. The Colonel of & Doctor of the Welsh regiment loved to join in with us- we are hoping sometimes to invite them to our tents to afternoon tea at Lemnos.

Sunday August 9th 1st 1915
I'm sorry for my poor diary to be neglected so- we arrived at A- in the small hours of the 30th (Australia Day)

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