Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 119

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But Miss Mc I know best & she is well known amongst our boys. She is Irish by birth. For 25 years she has lived in Palastine & was one of the last to escape from Syria when war broke out – probably all her things have been confiscated by the Turks. Since coming to Egypt she had devoted all her time to the Red Cross. The British Soldiers Café in the Esbikier Gardens & the Australian Comforts Fund. I first met her at No 19 c/- Alex last year & have kept in touch with her ever since. However I might try I could never convey to you her worth & she is always so bright & cheerful & witty about things, besides having the biggest heart possible. She used to interest me first with stories of her life in Palestine & the thrilling escapes the Syrians had from there but what particularly attracted me to her was when I found out how fond she was of the Australians. One morning when she came, she told us of how she and her friend when they arrived home that they helped themselves & then left a little note of apology on the Table, but how much they had enjoyed everything. My first thought was weren't you angry and asked her – Angry No "she said" What for – I was only sorry there wasen't more for them there.

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