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Weald, by digging a ditch that would let in the Sea. So one night he commenced his task the holy man knowing what was going to happen. Tried his power to stop it and succeeded. He went to Sister Ursula a saintly woman & a poor recluse who lived on the side of a hill and ask her to turn the hour glass 6 times. Once every hour and at the 7th hour to light a taper – this she did – now as the Devil was doing the evil work each time the hour glass turned it gave him sudden cramps which made him weak and handicapped his work than as the taper was lit he took it down threw his pick-axe down and fled and never resumed his labour so was he vanished by the Saint and the people ever after prayed in peace. But the Devils work – the unfinished Dyke exists to the day.

Now there is Arundel and Arundel Castle. The home of the Duke of Norfolk 23 ½ miles away. I simply loved the afternoon there and its when you go to such places and especially to talk through the Park that you are impressed with the rich beauty in England. Yet we see it in its bareness.

The Cathedral and Castle are the two prominent marks there – There is a moat

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