Series 01: Anne Donnell circular letters, 25 May 1915 - 8 July 1918 - Page 207

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whether from the noise or fear, I cannot say may be I an not brave – I would like to have been on Duty to see if I could have gone on with my work – I fancy I could have – but I keep in bed and in a half hearted way think of you all out there and await my chance under this tumultuous noise of bombs and shells.

Sept 7th Warned again, but the blessed rain came down which and welcomed.

The English papers today are full of air raid. The following is a copy of what Beach Thomas writes. The enemy for example attacked our Hospitals with bombs holding more than 250lbs of explosive apiece and a few were heavier still. The enemy is the apostle of night bombing, which is semi-blind even during the harvest moon now gibbons – but the general activity has increased and he attempts to secure observation of gun fire by Sending out a little fleet of machines to report for a Single Gun. I don't know what to think of the Belgiums if they are with us, or them. When we first came to England I was surprised that they were not enthused over by the E people. And no doubt they had been good to them. Then one soldiers never have a good word to say about them – but – I diddent take much notice until we came here – and we hadden't been here 5 minutes before we were warned by an official who said "Do be careful what you say here – for the place is reeking with

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