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that his remains lie in State in St Pauls, but I diddent say so. And he went on to say what a lot of money he had left to Cornish Charities – but one thing was stipulated that so much was to be spent on fiddling so that the fiddlers should fiddle and dance around the platform of the monument one night in every five years "that be our great day" he added. I told him I came from Australia, and asked him if he knew where that was "Oh Yes, Yes, our boys be fighting over there, "No, No" I said "Australia" "Yes, Yes" he went on and a blessed day it will be when it is all over. I looked at his think little boys and asked him if he could get enough food for them. "Yes Yes praise be to God I can. If I can't get it all in one shop I go to another.

On Monday evening I found myself in a small Inn at bideford, bound for Clovelly in the morning 12 Miles away and going by the Mail Motor – Ordered an early breakfast and as I was having it in walked an Aussie for an early breakfast and to my delight bound for Clovelly also – so we spend the day together – trust the Aussies – one meets their turned up hats everywhere. I just loved Clovelly – sweet Clovelly full of charm and sweetness – I will not attempt to describe it myself but instead give it you in Charles Kinsley's words in case you have not read his "Westward Ho" "Take the steepest hillside with which you are acquainted. Let the Atlantic roll at its base, cover it with ancient trees and tangled undergrowth to the summit, suppose a brawling stream to fall in a deep and narrow channel from the heights to the shore; In your minds eye people

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