Gold                             March 1855                                                                         
Sydney prices of Gold - the following are the [present rates?]
[indecipherable] £3.17.6
[Balmoral?] £3.18.0
Port Philip £3.16.6
Adelong £3.15.6
[Buckland River?] £3.15.6
[indecipherable] £3.14.9
[indecipherable] £3.14.6
[indecipherable] £3.13.9
[indecipherable] £3.13.9
Northern gold fields £3.12.0


The Opening of the Sydney Mint 15th May 1855


The quantity of gold received at the Mint yesterday (the opening day) was unexpectedly large, being between ten thousand & eleven thousand [accrued?], or from forty thousand to fifty thousand pounds worth. All the [indecipherable] arrangements for [pricing?] have been measly completed, & it is not at all [improbable?] that we shall see our own sovereigns in calculation in the course of a few days. The erecting of the machinery, & the construction of the [indecipherable] buildings, are already finished, so that there is nothing to be done now but the perfecting of there [indecipherable] and interior appliances which are identical to the successful alteration of every great undertaking.

The Mint, May 26th 


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