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as the expence of living is but a trifle more than here, and the chances fully more, with perfectly dry claims, many are disposed to give it a trial for the remainder of the winter.

JULY 18TH 1854

Mining operations still continue to be carried on here with unabated vigour, & whilst the great body of the diggers are not averaging more than ordinary wages, there are some parties who have been very succefsful. One party last week worked out of a hole the back creek, opposite the old cricket ground about forty pounds [rough?] of gold - they are at present working the claim. The run of the gold appears to be confined to a narrow gutter about the width of the drive, but is now I am informed, nearly run out, the working stuff only yielding from four to six penny weights to the tub -- The Milkmaids flat [of?] new diggings about seven miles from Sandhurst, are the most popular diggings at present in this district; several rushes have been made there during the month. & great numbers of diggers are still going there. Several parties have hit on the gold very heavy in this locality -

One party worked out as much as eight pounds weight of coarse nuggetty gold, in one day. Of course there are many that are not averaging labourers wages, and hundreds of [schisers?] or [skisers?] (a name given to the unproductive shafts) have been put down & deserted, the sinking is from six to twelve feet

Storekeepers, Butchers, & Bakers are making rapid fortunes -- the latter exercise the most shameful monopoly & [impaction?] on the diggers -- they have again raised the price of the four pound loaf to four shillings at a time when drayage is comparatively cheap and the market glutted with breadstuffs

Gold is selling here at £3.19.6 per ounce the last escort receipts amopunted to 5558 ounces --


A successful digger came to Melbourne last week, having taken one hundred pounds weight of gold in one spot, at the above diggings -- the party consisted of three persons, and the gold was found, as usual, at a considerable depth from the surface.

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