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Any one acquainted with the localities, who take the trouble to reflect on the matter, cannot but be struck with the fact, that between the mouth of Golden gully and Kangaroo Flat, there are, on the western side of Bendigo several unmarked gullies, and that the flats of the creek itself have in many places been untouched. Now as the whole of Bendigo, with the gullies on either side, have been found to be rich below Golden Gully, as far as the white hills - as the bed of the creek yielded immensely at Golden Point - and as Kangaroo Gully & flat, with many of the interveening gullies, turned out remarkably well - why should there not be gold along the Bendigo & the unworked gullies between the places we have mentioned -

It is true that some of these gullies have been worked high up, at a distance from the bed of the Bendigo: and, although some attemps have been made to discover the lead thence to the main Creek, the diggers have been baffled in the attempt or endeavour --- Yet these leads must exist one would imagine --- In all the worked gullies we find that there has been a continuous vein or lead to the Creek -
In many instances, as in that of [indecipherable] Gully and others, which were lost for some months, and when again "picked up" were found to be exceedingly rich -

Proceeding from Kangaroo flat, up Bendigo about two or three miles, we find the opposite side of the creek a highly auriferous Course, famous for its heavy nuggets - Robinson Crusoe Gully - Between these places there is much ground as yet untried - It is a fact of no little importance, that all our heaviest gold has come from the upper gullies, or those nearest the dividing range - It is also worthy of note; that the upper parts of every gully almost have yielded the heaviest gold & the largest yet is found in them.

We cannot believe, therefore, that the head of Bendigo has received the attention it should do. Prospecting parties will do well to look about home before the proceed to the exploration of unknown & distant places -

The Bendigo Adventurer states it as a fact interesting to literary gentlemen that a well known firm in Sandhurst have offered the sum of £500 - for the best work on the Colony of Victoria

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