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when you get used to the fountain pen you can't write with any other, I have been told here the three most useful things for any one on active seervice are
a wisted watch (illuminatd) an air cussion &amp: an electric torch I can also add the pen. That came from an officer that has seen a fair amount of service. So you can tell any one coming across what will be useful to them here.
I shall be looking out for the phot of Berts. I lost all my photoes just before leaving Liverpool. Mother's among them. Should they be sent to Marshall st by any chance keep them. I wouldent care to risk their coming across to me as we may be on the move &amp: wouldent catch up to us. When you write after receiving this letter let me know what Oswald Cropley &amp: the others are attached to I can find them all out then. It is a bigger undertaking to find any one here than it was at Liverpool &amp: you know what that was like. I saw an account in a paper of the Gilgandra boys march down also the reception they received, I dare say I know a good few of them. I must have a look through the camp here &amp: see who I can hunt up. I knew quite a number that came across I dare say some are wounded but should find some left still.
I hope Bert does get to Cobbora before leaving.It is a bit of a rush thought to do it in the four days. Poor Gran would be delighted to see him I have been writing her every week as well as you

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