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pretty slow. They were very sudden on any one taking photoes of the boats while we were at the wharf. Used to wait until they had snapped the camera. Then the sentry would go &amp: take the film out of the camera & burn it. Some of them used to perform. They were cautioned about it through the papers so only had themselves to blame. I wish you had told me the name of the boat Mr Lunn is coming out by. They may call here. I would have like to have seen them. I didn't think when they left. I would be waiting to go just as they came back. Oh in the event of the case being settled while I am away Father you can hand over to S. Prince for me. I hope it is all settled shortly or I am afraid the lawyers will have the whole lot. Well Father I haven't any more to tell so will have to close. Give my kindest regards to the Miss Smiths & Miss Arnold. Tell them all I am still living in hope of being abel to bring back that momento for them.

I am just OK. Sorry to hear of your cold. I have had a beauty ever since we came here. It is not too bad now I am glad to say.
Love & best wishes from your sincere son
N.B Haven't heard from Les. I suppose he is feeling hurt at my no writing him tell him I haven't forgotten him. A.C.G

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