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on without them the majority of them wouldent be any use if they were across here. Would only let us down when in a tight corner & you cant take any risks with Fritz. When he strikes he strikes hard & follows it up. We are having splendid weather across here for November very different to this time last year while I was across. The days are nice & sunny & hasint been at all cold up to the present. Last Nov at this time we had snow & it was dreadfully cold. Although according to the papers they are having a fair amount of rain in France. I have been invited back to Cambridge again to spend part or as much of my furlough as I wish with the Titteringtons. Mrs Titterington wrote & told me to consider their house as my home while in England. It is very good of them isint it. Well Father cant think of anything more to write about just now. Will write again shortly. Love & best wishes
Your sincere
Son. Clyde.

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