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copied those taken in riding pants. Have been asked for a photo taken in civil life that is the only one I know of. Miss Smith has one I am sure she will lend for the occasion. As for Bert wanting (Aus) badges well he can get any badge he wants in England if he gets there. I cant see how he is going to get across though. Unless these Germen people are fixing things for him. The young fellow I met at Cambridge said he would see what he could do so perhaps he has been working things for him. The Smithers would be glad to have Aub home again. I had a letter from Nurse Smithers a few days ago she is still in Egypt. Also had one from Nurse Hetherington she was about to sail for Salonicka. I cant make out who the officer is that you are to meet at Smithers unless it is Lt Littler he has been sent back to Australia wounded in the head. I was sorry for him he was a very fine fellow. Well father I cant think of any thing else to write about so must close this letter now

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