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Dear Father
Have moved camp again am attached to the 1st Batt now. All our comp dident come out but the most of them are here. Unfortunately we have been split up a bit. A few in each company of coarse it couldent be helped. I have been fortunate enough to get in with a good tent. That is the main thing. I am receiving my mail alright now. Received about a dozen letters on arrival &amp: they are still coming each day. You dident tell me what company Bert is attached to. I dare say I could find out where he is if I knew his comp. Also Reg Gibson I don't know what he is attached to. I tried to find him at Heliopolis but couldent. I havent received any parcels yet. There are a fair number of cases of parcels just arrived here. They are now being opened so I dare say I shall get mine. Cant help smiling at Bert being in the measle camp it isent a bad place I found that out. Still l have my watch I can tell you they are a great invention to have over here. Bert will know the full value of it when he gets across. You cant use the other watches here mustent have anything about the time at all. I never found my pen again. Bought one for myself last pay.

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