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will be notified so that was all I never asked what he wanted me to do or anything else.As you know I intended joining the first lot in Egypt had I been abel to get discharged as a matter of fact we both did were going to try &amp: stick together. You know what happened we couldent get our discharge. Well when I asked for my discharge to go back to Sydney &amp: enlist Sloane got his also. But had a few words with the manager in Dunedin about some trifling thing. Then refused to use the pass given him across to Sydney said he would join in N.Z. I went across &amp: you know I dident see him again until we met in Egypt only saw him for one night. Then the N.Zs went out from Cairo &amp: had a bit of a scrap. Well I saw no more of him until last Sept when I met him by accident in a place called "Vieuse Berguin France. We had a good talk as you may depend. Well he told me he had altered his will before coming away &amp: gave me to understand I was interested in it. Also said "If I get killed this watch I have is to go to you. But said come in one day alone &amp: I shall tell you all about things you will know then what you must have often wondered. Well the next time I went in the N.Z. had gone to the line. I missed him. When I was wounded I wrote him from England &amp: told him I was out of action &amp: gave him my address. He wrote back but in the mean time I had been moved (2)

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