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all hands getting out. I got up & walked out the nearest door. Well the train had drawn past the station or the carriage I was in had was under the bridge I found later. Well I walked out & went to step on the platform as I thought but it wasn't then I went into space luckily I landed on my hands & knees. Needless to say I woke properly. Couldn't believe my eyes when I got up & found I was at Liverpool. Only seemed like five minutes from the time I had got into the train. I found my way to my tent lay down boots & all. I died until six next morning. I consider I got off very light. We had a pretty rough day Sunday then Sunday night. I shouldent have gone in. But can't resist the temptation of getting to Marshall st at every chance. How is the cold father better I hope. Mine is much the same. I dare say a few more meals of stew will fix it alright. Will rub the stomach with the dixie lid if one fails the two should succeed. Tell Mrs Smith I received her letter the following morning alright. There were five men died here on Monday night. This menongitis & are still going off with it I believe. There is a rumer they are going to quarantine the camp. don't know how true it is but if it keeps on something will have to be done. They say it is contagious if that is true they should certainly take some steps

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