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men coudent get anyone he could rely on. I wish the war was over & I were back in Sydney wouldn't mind taking the place over to look after for him. I would get it too were I across there believe Uncle Jack Jones is buying a home in Sydney also of coarse he is different as ?orman can look after Bullagreen now. Gran[indecipherable] rather upset at the idea of Uncle enlisting Aunty said she had photoes of the boys for me & didn't know whether to send them across or not. I have written & asked her to keep them until I return one cant carry those things about they would only get broken up. I believe the first boy is growing a fine little fellow. I doubt if he will ever be as fine a boy as Don. You tell Miss Smith it isn't mosquito nets we want here it is one thing to kill the larger game anything we have had so far well they fatten on all kinds of powder Just received a letter from Miss G Smithers she said her Mother was making me a shirt supposed to keep those animals away. I don't like to write and tell them they are practically useless but I have seen a good few with those health shirts. They thrive splendidly on them. The only successful thing I have found yet is take the sheet or trousers off & have a hunt until you catch the culprit of coarse it is a shirt shift then. Of coarse we have all the latest spring beds yet the only time you spring is at revallie in the

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