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Wellington N.Z.

[this first paragraph is a post script written at the top of the first page and follows on from the end of the next page]
How is May keeping I haven't written her since leaving. Don't get much time to write any one. I think it is safe enough to write here. Watch for the Australian lot sailing & you will know whether we have gone or not as we are all to go at the same time. No more love to all. Your sincere son Clyde

Dear Father
I have been going to write you often enough but have been up to my eyes in work ever since coming here. At first it was taking in stores now the thing is getting everything entered in the books. Don't think I have done as much writing in my life as I have had lately. It won't be so bad when the books are all entered up.

There isent any word yet when we are to sail. I heard today we are put back until the 4th of Oct. I sincerely hope not. I am sick & tired of this places. There isent anything to see & no where one can go to. From the way we were bustled across here & had to bustle on arrival I thought we would have been half way there by this time. Mr Buchanan told me he saw where the "Atua" had taken up her run again. I am glad of that as this wouldn't be a very good time to be

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