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say they haven't heard from me for some time. I cant make it out unless the mails have been sank or not being sent us often. I had a letter from Nurse Hetherington a few days ago the account of life etc across in Salonica is very amusing. It must be a bit of an eye opener to a girl that hasint been away from Australia. I can tell you the first time I went to Egypt it opened my eyes the things I saw there & I thought I had seen a bit of the world. I also had a letter from Aunt Kate from Brisbane she doesint care for the place yet but I dare say she will get used to it after awhile. There must have been some very amusing sights in Sydney during the strike. Miss Smithers wrote and gave me an account of the way they used to go & come from work. Isint it a pity they cant keep things going smoothly across there while the war is on. At least it is a pity a few of the leaders werint in France for awhile they would know then how well off they are across there. I see by the papers they are going to have another go for conscription. I doubt very much if they will get the vote for it from the soldiers all are agreed that if they don't come of their own free will let them stay away. We shall carry

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