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Aust M.G.T.Depot
Belton Park

Dear Father
Have received some of my Aust mail at last. There were two from you also the photos of Bert.Thanks very much for then. I shall be abel to give him a trip through France even if it is only on paper. He certainly looks nice &amp: warm with that skin coat on. I would like to take him down for it. We are issued with sheepskins but there are no sleeves in them &amp: the wind does whistle under your arms. I like the pipe he has in his hand. Well the weather continues fairly mild across here. We have had some rain yesterday &amp: last night has made things a bit sloppy again. But oh it is paradise compared with last winter. I received a letter yesterday from the Batt. Wrote across &amp: asked for my mail to be sent here so it was given out that I was trying to transfer from the Batt. The letter was from one of my last gun crew. He said they were all hoping my transfer was refused. Said they were looking forward to my going back &amp: taking charge of the section again. There were two of my gun crew killed

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